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Pangea Activity Grade 6

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LESSON 5: PANGEA GRADE: 6 OBJECTIVES: Students will piece ...

b-49 lesson 5: pangea grade: 6 vocabulary: pangea: the term used to name the “super continent” that some scientists believe existed some 200 million years ago.


Haggerton 6 PlateTectonics - Core Knowledge Foundation

2005 core knowledge® national conference, plate tectonics, 6th grade 1 plate tectonics ... 6. extension activity: students can model how moving plates spread

http://www.coreknowledge.org/.../Plate Tectonics2.pdf

Pangaea Puzzle - ATEP

atep ©2008 uaf geophysical institute a-13 pangaea puzzle activity procedure: (for younger students) 1. show students the class’ location on the world map or globe.


Pangaea Revisited - COSEE South East

grade level: th 5th & 8 grade sc standards: ... pp. 6-9. teacher preparation students will conduct the activity by following the steps listed in the student pages.

http://www.cosee-se.org/.../Pangaea Teacher.pdf

Earth Science Grade 6

mendon upton regional school district earth science grade 6 state standard selected classroom activities text or resource interdisciplinary links technology links


Teacher Internet Resources - CERI

6 pangea “all lands” (grades 4-6) http://www.sd5.k12.mt.us/glaciereft/pangea.htm ... trembling, spewing earth: earthquake impacts on human activity (grade 7)


Assignment Discovery Online Curriculum Lesson title ...

1 assignment discovery online curriculum lesson title: continental drift grade level: 6-8, with an adaptation for older students subject area: earth science


Continental Drift Activity Reuniting Pangea Background ...

continental drift activity reuniting pangea background: continental drift geologists believe that a super-continent composed of all the present day continents existed ...

http://www.adams2.smmusd.org/.../continental plate ac...pdf


wegener's puzzling continental drift evidence – 6th grade overview ... to start this activity the teacher will present background information on wegener.