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6.5mm Carcano Ammunition

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5.7mm Veo-mith to 6.5x52.5mm Carcano

6.5mm carcano 6.5mm crister express 6.5mm egm 6.5mm einzel see 6.5x27r 6.5mm gibbs 6.5mm icl boar 6.5mm icl magnum 6.5mm jaco 6.5mm japanese 2nd model


This cartridge was introduced for use in the 45mm Light ...

this grenade was also applied to a grenade launcher fitted to a 6.5mm carbine. modified 6.5mm carcano cartridge used to propel the mortar grenade. safety strip

http://www.ammunitionpages.com/.../Italian Breda mortar...pdf

Warren Commission, Volume III: Robert A. Frazier

we examine ammunition of various types to identify it 86 to ita caliber, ita ... one, by comparing the barrel with 6.5mm. mannlicher-carcano ammunition,


to - Rifle Magazine - Sporting Firearms Journal | Wolfe ...

actually, the “6.5mm carcano,” or “6.5mm italian,” as it is usually called, deserves better. it was one of the ... carcano military ammunition manufac-



carcano ammunition which was manufactured for the marine corps in 1954 "does not fit and cannot be fired in any of the usmc weapons. this gives rise to the

http://jfk.hood.edu/.../Item 05.pdf


back to 6.5mm at the start of the war ... that is the reason why 7.35mm carcano ammunition is found only with 1938 and 1939 dates. professor j.v., jamesville ny


Wagga 2012 List - Australian Cartridge Collectors

230 8x 6.5mm cartridges. includes 6.5x 52 carcano (2), 6.5x53r mannlicher (2), 6.5x54 ... ammunition company, rock creek, oh10 44084 (different). 16

http://www.australiancartridgecollectors.org/.../Wagga 2012 List.pdf

Lee Deluxe Pistol 4-Die Set Lee Factory Crimp Die

ammunition with improved utility and accuracy. the die set also includes a conventional bullet seater and roll crimper. ... 6.5mm carcano 691-635* 616-684 474-897


6 mm caliber - Ammunition Store

6.5mm bergmann 6.706 (.264) - - - - - - ... 6.5 x 52 mm carcano 6.80 (.268) 52.50 (2.067) 11.42 (.450) 11.42 (.450) 10.85 (.427) 7.52 (.296) - 6 mm caliber 3

http://www.ammunitionstore.com/.../6 mm caliber.pdf