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2013 Wi State Tax Forms

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2013 Form 1-ES, Wisconsin Estimated Income Tax Voucher

title: 2013 form 1-es, wisconsin estimated income tax voucher author: revelc keywords: form 1-es, voucher, wisconsin estimated income tax voucher


1Wisconsin income tax 2013 - Wisconsin Department of ...

6 taxable refund of state income tax (from form 1040, line 10) ... income tax 2013 ... i red cross wi disaster relief


Form 1 Instructions 2013 - Wisconsin Department of Revenue

... file state tax return at no charge ... income@revenue.wi.gov forms requests: phone: ... reimbursement is included on your 2013 federal tax return


2013 IC-055 Form 5 Wisconsin Corporation Franchise or ...

for 2013 or taxable year beginning and ending 2013 ... madison, wi 53708-8908 ... of a state sales or use tax?


Order Tax Forms - Sun Prairie Public Library

wisconsin tax forms2013 http://www.revenue.wi.gov/html/formpub.html wisconsin homestead credit claim -- 2013 schedule h ... order tax forms wisconsin state



the following forms and schedules are supported in the lacerte tax program for the state ... forms and schedules for tax year 2013 wi sch i adjustments to convert agi


State Property Tax Credits - Wisconsin Legislature

... 2013 state property tax credits (school levy, first dollar, ... wi 53703 http://legis ... the constitution that enumerate the forms of

http://legis.wisconsin.gov/.../21_State Property Ta...pdf

WI - Wisconsin - Intuit

the following forms and schedules are supported in the proseries tax program for the state of ... forms and schedules for tax year 2013 wi form epv electronic ...


Sales and Use Tax - Wisconsin State Legislature

information regarding the changes to state tax law ... or forms of business organization. ... 2013. tax base comparison with other states

http://legis.wisconsin.gov/.../6_Sales and Use Tax....pdf